Born from Tradition

Bratschi Ltd can look back on a long corporate history in Switzerland. The law firm in its present form emerged in 2008. Its founding fathers are Peter Bratschi, Georg Wiederkehr, Martin Forster and Ernst Buob.

Peter Bratschi

Back in the 1960s, Peter Bratschi was one of the most influential business attorneys in Switzerland based in Bern. He held significant board of directors mandates for many years.

Ernst Buob

Ernst Buob merged his longstanding law firm in Eastern Switzerland to form Buob Staub & Partners back in 2004. Originally based in Rorschach, the firm relocated to St. Gallen following the merger. With his significant board of directors mandates, Ernst Buob has had an extensive network in the business world.

Georg Wiederkehr & Martin Forster

Georg Wiederkehr and Martin Forster introduced Wiederkehr & Forster Rechtsanwälte to the firm on January 1, 2008. The law firm based in Zurich since 1939 contributed valuable asset management expertise and facilitated the marked expansion of the financial sector.

Grown to Full Strength

The merger of these three pillars heralded the birth of Bratschi Ltd, one of Switzerland’s leading and rapidly growing law firms. Geographically it now covers the whole of Switzerland with the exception of the Italian-speaking region and counts a full range of legal and specialist areas as well as regional networks of relationships among its extraordinary strengths.