Compliance and Investigations

Sustainably Protecting Your Corporate Reputation

We help you to meet the high requirements of modern governance and compliance for the benefit of your company by conducting internal investigations or providing you with support in national and international regulatory investigations.

In our team you can rely on the best of both worlds: on attorneys with a wealth of long-standing experience as general counsel and corporate secretary in the world of business, and on attorneys with proven expertise in conducting and supporting internal and regulatory investigations.

We take care of challenging governance and compliance mandates such as the execution of compliance audits with the preparation of an audit report which will include recommendations, external investigations into compliance infringements, and the drafting and implementation of customized concepts. We support and advise clients in internal corporate investigations, particularly where violations of domestic and foreign supervisory laws , or accusations regarding infringements of domestic and foreign anti-corruption provisions, antitrust and competition law, tax law, criminal law and data protection are concerned.

Our sense of proportion, practical approach and holistic solutions tailored to internal company needs and their specific circumstances are held in high esteem.

Reference Cases

  1. Compliance assessment with interviews
    A compliance assessment was carried out including an analysis of the relevant processes, guidelines and documents and structured interviews, then the results were presented to the board of directors and management of the organisation concerned, e.g. a hospital (15 interviews), an energy firm (40 interviews) and a chemical company (70 interviews).

  2. Compliance assessment with an online tool
    A compliance assessment was carried out for an international production company based abroad using the online tool Complerify (with 75 participants) in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the firm's existing compliance management system.

  3. External investigation
    An external investigation was carried out at a company in the hospitality sector in response to anonymous allegations. This involved an analysis of the relevant processes and documents and around 20 interviews with individuals selected at random from all levels of the hierarchy. A report was then presented to the company's board of directors and management.

  4. Business partner evaluation
    Compliance-related requirements were embedded into an existing supplier evaluation process for a technology company by conducting workshops and actively involving its legal, IT and purchasing departments.

  5. House searches
    Relevant documents and checklists were drawn up and regular training sessions were carried out for a pharmaceutical company to ensure appropriate behaviour in the event of any house searches. The sessions were held at several locations and involved around 30 people.

  6. Outsourcing
    An external contact centre was set up for a company with branches all over Switzerland to enable internal and external individuals to report violations or ask questions about compliance, including anonymously. Messages were received, a triage procedure carried out and legitimate concerns forwarded to the relevant office at the company within 24 hours of receipt. Reports on the number and content of messages received and what action was taken were issued on a half-yearly basis.

  7. HR processes
    Support was provided to help embed compliance-related requirements into new and existing HR processes at a company in the healthcare sector. Compliance and integrity were given appropriate consideration in all HR processes.

  8. Guidelines
    Guidelines and training documents on topics such as competition, bribery and data protection were drawn up and implemented for a company in the textile industry and one in the food industry.

  9. Risk assessment
    Various agency, partnership and employment contracts and the accounting processes used by a group of companies in the dye sector were assessed with regard to potential risks (e.g. competition, bribery, tax) and specific recommendations were made concerning payment processes, including drawing up specimen contracts.

  10. Training
    Compliance training sessions were prepared and carried out for an IT company, providing a basic understanding of compliance-related topics and using practical examples and dilemma scenarios to illustrate them.

  11. Code of conduct
    A tailored code of conduct was drawn up for a company in the automotive industry.

For further information please consult our > flyer «Compliance à la carte» (PDF).

Are you interested in analysing the relevant compliance dimensions of your firm? Please follow the Link to > «Complerify», our web-based and easily applied survey tool.


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Compliance is costly, but can your company afford non-compliance?

Christian Wind, Co-Head of the Compliance and Invetigations Practice Group

Pascal Rüedi, Co-Head of the Compliance and Invetigations Practice Group

Our team, your specialists.

Our team, your specialists.

Christian Wind

Dr. iur. HSG, LL.M., EMBA IMD
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Christian Wind

Dr. iur. HSG, LL.M., EMBA IMD
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T +41 58 258 10 00

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Sandra De Vito Bieri

lic. iur., LL.M.
Managing Partner
Delegate of the Board of Directors
German, English, Italian, French

T +41 58 258 10 00