Know-how Cluster White Collar Crime

Battle-tested support in demanding times

White collar crime refers to non-violent acts, which can, however, be very harmful to individuals and businesses. From fraud and bribery to embezzlement and money laundering, with our Know-how Cluster White Collar Crime specialists, businesses, their board members, executives and employees can rest assured that their interests will be well taken care of. We offer customized and personal legal assistance and/or court representation for a wide variety of business crime matters and related fields, such as international legal assistance. In addition to criminal defense, we also advise damaged parties on how to secure their rights in criminal proceedings.

Your personal and corporate life as you know it can suddenly turn upside down when you are faced with allegations of white collar crimes or become a victim thereof. That’s when you can rely on us!

Silvia Renninger, Head of the White Collar Crime Know-how Cluster

Our team, your specialists.

Our team, your specialists.