Bratschi-Blog on Public Procedural Law

Public procedural law is a complex subject. It is mainly characterized by federal and cantonal rules of procedure. At the same time, it is strongly influenced by constitutional law and public international law, as well as jurisprudence. Depending on the substantive question at issue, specific statutes and ordinances will often apply. Since this field of law is very challenging, it is also of great importance: public procedural law serves not only to protect individual rights but also to ensure correct application of the law. It is therefore an important basis for democracy and countries governed by the rule of law.

This blog is dedicated to this complex and important subject. The Bratschi Blog on public procedural law will feature regular comments on current issues and cases that are relevant to practice, with a focus on the procedural and litigation law of the Swiss Confederation and the cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen and Bern. For example, comments will be posted on current jurisprudence and the latest amendments to statutes and ordinances. In this regard, the Blog's primary purpose is to provide useful practical advice to law practitioners and parties to the proceedings.

Authors of the Blog

All of the Blog's authors are experienced specialists from Bratschi's public-law department. Prof. Dr iur. Isabelle Häner, Head of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Practice Group, as well as the Public Sector Industry Group, will be responsible for the editorial aspects of the Blog.