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Education is the key to realising dreams and goals. Education begins with compulsory schooling, continues with basic vocational training and general education schools (specialised secondary schools, grammar schools) and ends with higher vocational training and higher education. Those affected can be confronted with a variety of questions and problems, such as the question of a reasonable route to school, the question of the correct class allocation, the assumption of therapy costs, a failed grammar school entrance examination, a failed doctorate, a failed professional examination or the threat of exmatriculation from university. Education providers, in turn, are faced with issues such as financing, accreditation and authorisation. Accordingly, education law encompasses numerous legal norms that regulate the education sector. 

Our law firm specialises in providing our clients with comprehensive advice and support in education law. These include private and public universities, schools, educational institutions, professional organisations (OdA), teachers and students, pupils, graduates, parents and other interest groups. We support our clients in accreditation procedures, assert their interests before education authorities and courts and represent them in education law disputes at all levels.

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