Droit de la migration

Conseil de particuliers pour leur établissement ou d'entreprises pour leur implantation en Suisse.

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Global Mobility: Transfer of Specialists within an International Group of Companies (Know-How Transfer)

From San Francisco to London, from London to Singapore and finally from Singapore to Switzerland. Welcome to an example life of an expat. Every few months or at the latest every few years, suitcases are packed, boxes piled up and containers loaded to transport all the belongings to the new home. Specialists in their field and at home anywhere in the world. Highly qualified international workers benefit companies all over the globe. Once they arrive at their new place, they implement specialized knowledge, develop new business strategies and multiply the company's profits. There is a reason why the expertise of these specialists is in such high demand and highly valued: Companies today are more global than ever before, which is also reflected in the increasing mobility of their employees due to the aspired know-how transfer.

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