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COVID-19 pandemic

Bratschi Ltd. follows the recommendations of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) and has implemented a number of measures to reduce the risk of infection for our customers and employees. At the same time, we continue to provide our services. You can contact our lawyers as usual via the familiar channels.

> Legal issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

With Flair and Expertise

Choose your suitable contact partner from our pool of more than 90 attorneys. He or she will assist you personally and draw on the appropriate experts for the matter in hand. While our focus is on commercial law, the range of our attorneys' experience and legal expertise in each individual sector and specialist field goes well beyond this.

We hold our own notary's offices in Basel, Zug and St. Gallen.


Blog öffentliches Verfahrensrecht: Der Rechtsschutz im öffentlichen Beschaffungswesen auf Bundesebene nach der Revision des BöB

Nach einem langen Hin und Her tritt am 1. Januar 2021 das totalrevidierte Bundegesetz über das öffentliche Beschaffungswesen (SR 172.056.1; BöB) in...

31 March 2020

Bratschi Task Force: Legal issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic poses major personal, psychological and economic challenges for many people in many countries. Numerous legal issues need to be...

23 March 2020

Blog öffentliches Verfahrensrecht: Covid-19-Fristenstillstand des Bundesrats – gilt nicht in allen Verfahren

Der Bundesrat hat heute, 20. März 2020, gestützt auf die BV die «Verordnung über den Stillstand der Fristen in Zivil- und Verwaltungsverfahren zur...

20 March 2020

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